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Visualisation of the proposed new Crossrail station
Crossrail, UK
Crossrail, UK London's new high frequency, high capacity railway will create 10% extra capacity for the capital's cramped commuters.
Image credit copyright to Crossrail Limited

Computer graphic showing internal view with a game in play
Roughriders Stadium, Canada
Roughriders Stadium, Canada Our design will all but eliminate the effects of the wind while allowing sun into the stadium, increasing internal operating temperature by up to 20°C. For the summer when heat is the challenge, the roof has been designed to provide protection from the sun, while louvres beneath it will encourage through ventilation to keep spectators comfortable.
Image credit Pattern Design

Schoolchildren in Bangladesh
English in Action
English in Action We devised and are leading the nine year English in Action programme, which is teaching vocational English to 25 million of Bangladesh’s poorest people.

Builders deliberating in a tunnel
Tsuen Wan New Town stormwater tunnel
Tsuen Wan New Town stormwater tunnel Protecting Tseun Wan New Town from the the effects of devastating rain storms.

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